Mindfully Managing Stress In The Workplace

Pricing scales with group size. Please contact us for a quote.

8 hours

This workshop presentation is ideal for personal development and wellness initiatives in the workplace. Help your team benefit from a culture that can embrace and transform stress into resilience. Your employees will begin by learning about the health benefits of mindfulness practices. Then start to build momentum by learning assessable skills and concepts that help your team to better manage stress and conflict. Help your employees become more aware of how the brain and body work together when stress arises, and how to choose healthy, effective ways to cope. Investing in stress management education means you can reap the rewards of improved overall wellbeing and productivity in your organization today.

This presentation includes:

  • an experiential and dynamic presentation to keep everyone engaged
  • the teaching of concrete, simple and effective skills that can be practised immediately
  • the use of multi-media and group exercises to provide diverse ways to explore the topic of stress
  • guided breathing exercises to demonstrate how to calm the nervous system down quickly
  • take-home posters and resource materials to encourage the continued practice of stress management for your team