Stress and Mental Health for Teens


60-90 minutes

This workshop-style presentation focuses on teaching adolescents about stress management—understanding how the brain and body work to create or decrease its stress and anxiety responses. Teens also try out mindfulness techniques to find ways to increase resiliency and performance at school. Stress isn't "all bad"—learning the ins and outs of stress and its function in our daily life lays the foundation for wellbeing in youth. Stress and anxiety are on the rise for all teens. Let's give them knowledge, tools and confidence to work through stress and reach their goals.

This presentation includes:

  • an experiential and dynamic presentation to keep teens engaged
  • the teaching of concrete, simple and effective skills that can be practiced immediately
  • the use of videos, worksheets and games to provide diverse ways to explore the topic of stress
  • focused breathing exercises to demonstrate how to calm the nervous system down
  • a homework handout to give to absentees available upon request