Emotional Health for Teens


60-90 minutes

This class-length presentation focuses on teaching both emotional literacy and emotion regulation skills. Teens will learn about their emotions and start to confidently validate their own emotional experiences. Core emotions will be explored and students will learn how to accurately label the emotions they feel while increasing their empathy towards others. Students will learn simple and effective ways to help keep their emotions and coping behaviours in a healthy range, reducing the urge to self-harm, or avoid. Help your students start on a healthy emotional path into young adulthood.

This presentation includes:

  • an experiential and dynamic presentation to keep teens engaged
  • the teaching of concrete, simple and effective skills that can be practised immediately
  • the use of videos, worksheets and games to provide diverse ways to explore emotions
  • a safe, non-judgemental space in which to learn about emotions and mental health
  • a homework handout to give to absentees available upon request