Assertiveness for Teens


60-90 minutes

Research shows that teens who are assertive are much less likely to be bullied or bully others and ultimately have more confidence and healthier relationships. This class-length presentation will begin by encouraging students to recognize the core communication styles in conversation and decide which one would be most effective to use. Teens are taught to be more factual, objective and fair as they work to achieve their goals in personal interactions. Students will partner to brainstorm and role-play real teen scenarios in which they practice asking directly for what they want from another person, or practice saying no when feeling pressured. Help your students find their voice, wisdom and confidence through assertiveness.

This presentation includes:

  • an experiential and dynamic presentation to keep teens engaged
  • the teaching of DEAR (Describe, Express, Assert, Reinforce) communication tool, with a bonus, take-home sheet for further practice
  • the use of videos, worksheets and games to provide experiential learning of new communication skills
  • a safe, non-judgemental space in which students can explore and practice these new concepts
  • a homework handout to give to absentees available upon request